Please fill out a request for information at our Contact Us page or call our offices at 619-450-6700. Do not be afraid to share your budget with us! We will always give you the most for your money and telling us your budget and what’s important to you about the gift will direct us to the best solutions for your project.

We require original EPS or AI vector-formatted art files only. Jpegs, bitmaps and images saved from the internet will not produce a quality product.

We do them all the time! Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail to discuss your rush order. We know how to do it and can guide you on what is feasible given your time frame & budget. Lead times are a guide & if we can make it happen for you, we will.

We ship UPS, FedEx or by pallet-ready truckloads. We don’t mark up from the carrier’s rates and are happy to add the charges to your final invoice. We can also bill your shipment 3rd party to your company’s UPS or FedEx account and include a reference name or cost-center number on each shipping label. We can sort your address file by transit day & stagger the ship dates for a simultaneous delivery to all locations via ground service.

International shipments are offered to Canada, Puerto Rico & Guam with 3rd party billing only to your UPS or FedEx account.

We track the delivery progress of large shipments and email status updates to you. Working directly with UPS and FedEx and our clients, we can often quickly resolve any delivery exceptions before they become a problem. For orders of 25 or less, a file with tracking numbers are provided for client use.

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