Program Launch & Engagement

December 15, 2018 | Other

Program Launch & Engagement

At Lucky You, we know how to make your program shine. We work with you to understand what it is you want to promote and execute a strategic (and delicious!) campaign that includes a fresh idea and presentation—whether the program occurs monthly, quarterly, or annually. If you’re looking to promote a loyalty program or employee incentive, for example, sending seasonal branded food products and accompanying containers throughout the year is a great way to keep participants aware and engaged with your program.

Remain Top-of-Mind Year-Round

Sending items like chocolate pops in the winter and logo meringue cookies in the summer will ensure your items arrive fresh throughout the year. We are experts in branded food products and will always advise you on the best choice for each season.

Encourage Participation

Brandable treats are a great way to promote visibility in group settings—simply set out your products and create a positive association every time someone reaches for a treat.  

Create Awareness

Time-sensitive events like open enrollment are so much more memorable with a sweet reminder.

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