Milestones for Individuals

November 15, 2018 | Other

Milestones for Individuals

With our Individual Milestone programs, as your employees achieve higher benchmarks, their prizes scale up with them. Gifts are sent directly to the employee’s attention at the appropriate business unit or location, with quick turnaround and shipping times. We manage all the data with 100% accuracy, ensuring the right individual receives the right prize based on each accomplishment. Who doesn’t love to get a package in the mail—especially one with a sweet treat and a “great job” inside?

Reward Performance Levels

Provides a tangible incentive to encourage individual effort.

100% Accuracy in Distribution

Gifts are sent to the employee’s attention at the business unit or location—and we promise to spell the name right.


Logoed keepsakes are paired with the perfect treat to celebrate hard work and encourage more of it.

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